Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rugby--First Game of the Final Season

 Just the title of this post makes me a little melancholy.

This is Ben's third season, and I must shamefully admit that I still don't know any many of the rules.

Can you see the ball in the above picture? If you find the ball, then you can find Ben.  He is the one spread out in the splits.

February in AZ is dusty and dry, even when playing on "grass."  As the sun went down and as more debris was kicked into the air, my photos took on a yellowy, misty quality.  Believe me when I say that it was not as beautiful in person.
Can you find Ben in this photo?

One thing I don't understand is when the ball gets thrown in, and one player is lifted up to try and get the ball.  Don't understand it, but it's cool to watch.

Ben's rugby skills have really improved over three years.  Even though I don't really get the game, I love watching my son do something he loves.


  1. I've heard that rugby is a pretty demanding sport. Ben must be pretty tough.


  2. Well glad you don't get it even after watching your son play so many times as yea it does seem pretty crazy and I sure don't get it. Arizona "grass" is definitely interesting grass.

  3. Growing up in New Zealand with four brothers I know all about rugby but even after six years in the States I have no clue about American Football! So pleased Ben is playing again this year - maybe he'll get to go to a rugby mad nation on his mission?! Catherine

  4. Being from NZ I know all about rugby, that field looks horrible to play on! They must be some pretty tough kids!

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