Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday #6--A Twofer

Micah snapped this picture of me before he learned about focus (and before I had a chance to shower that morning).
Then, late last night, my sister and I were texting funny faces back and forth when she dared me to post this one below. Again--no shower and greasy hair, but this time I was tied to the computer finishing my latest school project until past midnight.
Hopefully next week I'll at least have my hair combed.


  1. Texting between girls with glasses?

  2. Love, love the one Micah took!

  3. Micah's soft-focus is beautiful.

  4. So good to see your name on my little blog! Thanks for your encouragement! I'm feeling a juggler these days...all good stuff, but too many plates to balance, and not holding any of them up very well....trying to refocus a bit!! :)