Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Seattle in February may not be anyone's everyone's first choice for a vacation destination, but Brad and I just returned from five amazing days in the Pacific Northwest.  Before we left, I had seen some of the beautiful photos/paintings created by the app Waterlogue, and I used it to capture a few of my favorite views around Washington.

We arrived late Thursday night, checked into our hotel, and then couldn't wait for morning to see this view from our window:
The ocean literally lapped the base of the building.

We walked around the pier in Mukilteo, and here's a favorite watercolor I took:

Friday morning, we woke to this view out the window of our bed and breakfast in Langley:
The window and trees perfectly framed the tree down the path.  I couldn't get enough of that view.

Our adventures for that day included a stop at the Camp Casey lighthouse:
. . . and Deception Pass.
My favorite watercolor of the trip was this photo/painting of the Mukilteo lighthouse.
As much as I loved Seattle and the rain and the cold and the beauty, nothing was as beautiful to me as my first sunset home . . .
. . . back in AZ where the light is always golden and the air is never damp.

While we were gone, someone delivered a box of Valentine's candy to my with a note.  My kids only ate a few of the chocolates, but they lost the note and we have no idea who left me that sweet gift.  If this is familiar to anyone, please let me know it was you . . .


  1. We took a vacation up that way a few years ao and it was really nice!

  2. Thanks Jen for the reminders of our time there. I remember the line from Sleepless in Seattle where the brother says it rains nine months of the year in Seattle, but to us it was so like home in NZ, so lush and green,and of course that line is so untrue. We sailed over to Whidbey Island one time which was just magical. I must look up that app as you are not the first to mention it.