Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Family Tradition

A long, long time ago . . . before I was even a Denton, Brad's mom invented the surprise plate.

I'm sure it was lunchtime and she didn't have any bread or other standard lunch fare, so she improvised and improved on whatever random bits she could throw together by giving this special lunch the name of "surprise plate." A surprise plate is just that--a surprise of what will be on the plate. There are a few rules--no sandwich (because that's not a surprise), and it still has to be lunch, not just treats.

My little kids routinely request a surprise plate for lunch.

Sometimes I'll concoct an all-orange plate--carrots, goldfish, cheese, oranges.

Sometimes I'll concoct crazy things--peanut butter with raisins in it and crackers for dipping, or shredded cheese with fruit and veggies.

There's a benefit to the surprise plate.
 Something about the surprise factor makes it all disappear . . .
 . . . all of it.

It's all in the marketing, people.


  1. There is something about the word "surprise" that is enticing. That is a great idea.

  2. Brad's mom is a genius! As are you for continuing her idea :)

  3. I love this. We do a similar thing but its for dinner. We actually did it last night. It's our 16 course surprise menu. It's our way of getting rid of the small containers of left overs that no one wants to eat any more and I don't want to just throw away. for instance - last night consited of 2 multi grain pancakes, 1 small serving of green beans, a baggy of pot roast, 2 slices of cooked bacon, cilantro rice, spaghetti with vodka marinara, and a few other things. Doesn't exactly go together and it's more work for me but the family enjoys it and they don't know what's coming to the table until that "course" is heated up. Great way to get rid of all those very last bits of left overs (and I can say I cooked when in reality the only thing on the list I did cook were the pancakes. Bret did all the rest. I'm a heat and serve kind of chef I guess)

  4. love this jen and you are so right....they always eat it up!
    have a happy day

    great pics of evie too!!

  5. love this!!! genius genius. can't wait to add it to the regiment:)