Friday, March 7, 2014

Foto Friday--Last Look at Seattle

I couldn't get enough of the view from our bed in Langley, WA.
It was as if the builder had carefully measured how the canopy would frame that lone pine tree, and then he built the house around the view. He did forget to bury the power lines, though.
We spent the day wandering around Camp Casey, an inactive military base that was used to protect the mouth of Puget Sound during WWI and the beginning of WWII.
Just a low-slung rabbit warren of bunkers and towers and guns.  It was so cool, and I couldn't believe that it was left open for the public to wander all over it.

Funny prohibition signs were everywhere--"No paintball, capture the flag or other team games.  No leaping or jumping." Might as well have said, "Don't have fun of any kind." No leaping? That's getting a little subjective now, isn't it?
I felt like I was in a living replica of a Maurice Escher drawing--staircases and hallways and banisters going every direction.
These large guns were still mounted out there and visitors could look straight down the barrel.

I've never been to a place in America that had so few restraints in place.  It was liberating . . . and a little bit freaky when I pictured my boys having a blast running everywhere and getting too close to the edge.

They're like their dad that way.
They definitely would have wanted to leap and to jump and to play capture the flag.  Good thing we left them home and didn't let them have any fun. That would been very irresponsible of us.

Brad kept saying that he could photograph this place all day long, and he was right.
 From a desert rat's perspective, it's so strange that moss grows on everything.

 Even in winter, everything is green.

 I couldn't imagine what this huge frame used to do, but I loved how it had aged in the salty air.
And then, it started to rain, and we remembered why it's so green and why moss grows on everything.

That's when we got back in the car and cranked up the heater.
With our hats and gloves and scarves and coats. We've become such pansies about the cold.


  1. Okay, I get no paintball, but capture the flag?? That looks like the perfect place to play capture the flag!!

  2. That looks like such a fun place. Well, maybe not fun, maybe careful.
    Interesting architecture. Pretty sure OSHA wouldn't allow such unrestricted and careless stairs these days.