Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break . . . Briefly

Spring Break came and went around here. Where it went, well I don't really know. My camera slept in the drawer most days, and we didn't have grand adventures, but we did do a few things.

I took all four little kids out to Crackers for lunch--and they all sat still, didn't fight, ate their lunch, and didn't spill anything.  That was a win. And they've all voted it their new favorite place.

We took a picnic lunch to the Temple and ate with our friends/cousins while they practiced for the Easter Pageant. Sadly, the Dentons will be missing from the pageant this year.

Bowling. Micah is all about bowling. Funny--no pictures of the boys, just my girls.
 Evie would spread her legs wide, and Lily would shoot the ball through, then pull Eve down on her lap to watch how many pins got knocked down.
 Here was Micah's photo for the day. I'm the bottom M, and that strike pulled me from the bottom to actually win that game.
Brad and Ben went to our stake's Youth Conference. The bishops were each asked to perform in the talent show. Here's Brad's talent:

He actually did this in high school as a lip sync with his buddies.  He's still got that crazy uninhibited personality. I hear he was the hit of the show.

He's all mine, folks.


  1. brennan has been begging to go bowling and go to chuckee cheese. too bad we're going to arizona for spring break;) poor chap might just have to wait until summer.

    also....brennan got into the german immersion program here for next year in 1st grade. it's the first year they're doing it at this particular charter school, which is really just a public school where you wear white t-shirts and navy non cargo pants;) what do you think? i'm having a hard time wrestling with the idea of him not going to the neighborhood school anymore...share your wisdom!

  2. any by the way, this is emily gibson. must be signed in under sean's google account again. agh! email me:)

  3. I remember having lots of fun with my kids bowling while they were growing up. Love the pictures of Evie and Lily. And your husband? He's an original. I think they broke the mold, baby. Lucky you!