Friday, April 25, 2014

Foto Friday--Defecting

Yeah. I know there's no photo.

I've tried four times to get it to import, and I'm struggling.

There's a problem here at mission control of the Sanatorium.

I've defected.

My PC was too infiltrated with crap to save, so I switched to the dark side. I have a brand new Apple sitting in front of me, and it's like I'm learning some weird culture. Most things are kind of familiar, but then I can't figure out how to import a picture correctly or save images or other stupid stuff that used to be so mindless.

The learning curve is steep on this one, but I'm gonna give it my best shot.

Here's to the Apple way of computing.

Any advice from those Mac experts out there?


  1. Definitely not an expert, but I work exclusively on Macs at work. I figured I'd get my own Mac when my own computer died. Thought I'd have a few more years, but my computer crashed yesterday morning, eating my 10 pg academic paper. Hooray. So guess who's in the library rewriting a research paper 2 days after finals ended...
    I think you'll be thankful for the Mac once you figure it out.

  2. I did a LOT of googling to learn. And 3 years later, I will never own a PC again! Once you 'get it', you'll think PCs are weird.

  3. Definitely buy the One to One program. It's like $99 and you can attend a class a week for a year. Well worth the money.

  4. Give it will love it! I have a Mac laptop for work and I'm still figuring it out two years later...but they are the best.

  5. Wahoo - come on over to the dark side! I can help anytime you have questions. I love my mac, I will never go back.

  6. I used an apple for about 1 1/2 years, but honestly I can't remember what I learned...

  7. I love my Mac! Drag whatever pictures you want to use from iPhoto onto the desk top. Then upload on your blog as you normally would, choosing the name/number of the photo(s) you dragged to your desktop. It's that simple! My husband tells me that Macs do things in a way you'd do them yourself if you were making the rules. And it's true. You'll come to love it.

  8. Love my mac. The thing to remember is that mac is more intuitive. It just makes sense.

    And if it doesn't, the apple stores offer some great classes.

    You will love it once you get more familiar…