Friday, April 11, 2014

Foto Friday--Grandma's Favorites

Sunshine streaming through the huge kitchen window every morning during breakfast
 Evie loved holding that baby boy. I'm so glad that my baby has so many chances to hold babies that are still "hers" even though they aren't her siblings.

Ellie has nightmares and wakes up many times over the course of each night. She got a new night buddy, a unicorn with a flashlight in its tummy that she named Daisy.
Daisy has an amazing way of chasing all of the scary dreams away.

I did squeeze in some time with that delicious new baby.  I love his hair so much.

 Don't you wonder what they're thinking and what they're seeing in this brand new world?

Heidi had just gotten out of the shower and didn't want to get her picture taken, but this may be my favorite moment of all.
I feel a joy that can't be explained as I watch my daughter mother her children. It is breathtaking and beautiful and wonderful.


  1. Oh, Heidi. That last one is absolutely beautiful. Blow that one way up and hang it somewhere. Gorgeous.

  2. Those photos of Jonah are amazing. What a tremendous treasure. Such adorable grandkids you have!

  3. I understand about watching your daughter be a mother. All your pictures are wonderful!