Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Radio Silence

Things have been oddly quiet around here the last three days.  Have you noticed?

Our internet is down.

First, Brad thought it must be a problem with our provider, but after contacting them, he realized it wasn't.

Next, he called his handy computer guru. After explaining our issues, Jerry seems to think it's the router.

That's something Brad can fix. If he could find the time to do it. He didn't come home until after 11 pm last night, and he left before 7 am this morning.

I've stooped to using my iPhone as a hot spot, but that doesn't make my pictures any more accessible.  Hopefully by tomorrow all will be back to normal.

Last week was a killer around here. Every single one of us got hammered with a 24-hour flu--all in separate 24 hours. Hyrum and Evie and Lily threw up all night on three different nights. Lily's happened to be in a tent while she was camping with Brad and Eve. 

At least it was a quick little bugger. 

Hyrum threw up all night, felt yucky all morning, and watched TV with his blanket from the couch. When Evie got home from school and after they ate lunch, he disappeared for a moment, then came around the corner and said, "Ok, Mom. See ya in a few hours." He had grabbed his backpack and was headed out the door to school! Did I let him go? Yep, I did.

Hopefully today all will be back to normal.

Vomit, router, and all.


  1. Our internet was down for a few days last month. The service provider said it must have been our hosting service, they said it was the service provider. Ended up buying a new router, and Quest FINALLY fixed the problem. It was a long few days. Here's hoping you all get back to normal soon.

  2. It's bad to be so reliant on the internet these days, but it is what it is, right?

    Sorry about the stomach flu. Ugh.