Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday #16--SuperMom

I had a fight between my cool mom self and my real mom self at 11:39 pm Tuesday night.

Would I get out of my cozy bed to wake up my kids for the blood moon eclipse?

I bantered back and forth. They won't really care. They have school tomorrow. They will always remember watching their first eclipse. It will be cold out there. (This is AZ. Cold is relative.)

Back and forth.

After what seemed like forever (three minutes awake in bed when I should be sleeping is more than I can usually handle), I decided that Cool Mom needed to win this time.

I put on a pair of socks and a sweatshirt then headed to each kid's bed to wake them. Ben and Lily hardly stirred and turned back over. Hyrum sat up, bleary eyed, shook his head while mumbling something unintelligible, and snuggled back under his favorite blanket. I didn't even bother with Evie. Real Mom was right--Evie would not appreciate an eclipse. Better let her sleep.

Micah, however, sat up quickly and said, "What? There's an eclipse? Let's go!"

He stumbled down from the top bunk, grabbed his jacket, and we headed outside.

I don't know if he will remember his first eclipse, but I will never forget it.
After claiming that he was freezing, we used Brad's phone to look up the current temperature--69 degrees.  That's when I took off my sweatshirt. See, Real Mom? It wasn't even cold.

We talked about the rotations of the earth and moon and the sun's placement. We wondered what early cultures thought the first time they witnessed an eclipse, and how scary it might have been for a people that used the moon as their calendar. We found Mars and took turns pushing the shutter on the camera.
Mostly, my nine-year-old son just sat on my lap for twenty minutes at 12:10 am as we watched the moon enter a full blood eclipse.

It was heaven.

Cool Mom was right. It was worth it.


  1. You are a cool mom! And 69 degrees in the dark of night is cold for me too.

  2. That's is one example that shows that the "real mom" is truly a "cool mom".

  3. how cool for Micah. The other kids missed out, for sure.

  4. Good call, Mom. Some memories are too sweet to miss making.