Monday, April 7, 2014

Welcome Home, Mom!

Evie and I flew home from Idaho yesterday afternoon.

When we got in the Suburban, Brad told me that they had missed us so much that everyone had worked together to clean the house, do the laundry, and prepare dinner for the night. Hyrum, who was listening to our conversation, blurted, "We even got you flowers!" Brad laughed and said, "Buddy, that was supposed to be a surprise!"

These are the flowers that were waiting for me on my sparkling kitchen island:
Straight out of our yard. Aren't they spectacular?

Hyrum grabbed my hand and took me outside to show me Brad's rose garden, claiming that "You've never seen such big roses in your whole life! They are so big that Micah and I took some to our teachers!"

He was right. I didn't think a picture of one of the flowers by itself could put its size into perspective very well, so I actually picked it and gave it to a cute little girl to hold.

Imagine the size of a four-year-old face.  That's how big that bloom is.  And the bush is completely covered in blooms that size.  She took it to her teacher at school today, and her teacher exclaimed, "I have never seen a rose that big!" Plus, they smell good.

It's supposed to hit 98 degrees this week.  Spring is about over here in the desert.  It's been fantastic.

Last time I left town, Evie got chicken pox.  The most eventful thing to happen while I was gone this time?

A pigeon laid its eggs in my chicken coop.  That's excitement I can handle. Time to get back to normal.  Baby pictures coming!


  1. that rose is outstanding!!! mine are just started to sprout their leaves:) always makes me laugh how we are a few months off season wise with you.

  2. Amazing flowers, that's a great welcome home! So much better to know they actually missed you. Sometimes life runs so well that we wonder if they even need us :) sounds like they need you! Love it! Love the new blog design, such fun colors.

  3. Gorgeous! You are loved, Mom. And that rose is crazy!!