Monday, May 5, 2014


Last year, Ben and his friends transformed into One Direction, first for Halloween, then as a surprise finale to the school talent show. Here's the video from last year.

One of their former bandmates graduated last year, so their numbers were down to four, and there was rampant speculation about whether or not they would reunite for this year's show.

All four boys and their choreographer were in Phantom, which ended up closing last Tuesday night due to a power outage during the Saturday matinee, and not only were they all exhausted, but they had had no time to even practice together.

Rumors were quelled when they told everyone that they just didn't have time to do it this year.

When the final act concluded, the emcee thanked the crowd and requested that they remain seated until they received "further direction."

That's when a spotlight appeared on box 5 (the remnant of the Phantom stage) and four heads peeked out.
They were back.
Performing to 1D's song, "Kiss You," these guys showed once again that they know how to rock a stage.
This picture is from my favorite part of the song--when the guys fight over the girl and sing back and forth "Mine tonight, mine tonight, mine tonight."
Yeah, the girls went crazy.
What is it about boy bands? Cute guys, great choreography, strong beat--even old ladies like me love it!
During the final school performance, Ben and his buddy Ben (not confusing at all) pulled off a flip.

Not in focus, but that doesn't diminish the awesomeness--or the attractiveness (name that movie).

McKay threw kisses into the audience at the end of the song. That's what made this boy band even better--chocolate.

Marissa (in the center) was their choreographer both years, and she is unbelievable at what she does.
And she puts up with these clowns.
I'm beginning to get sad that graduation is in a few weeks. I will miss the excitement, the fun, and especially the music.

If you'd like to see the video, find me on Facebook. I couldn't import a link from Facebook.


  1. Wow - I watched the video again - what a crew!

  2. hahahaha!!!! if only they could preform at all high schools:)

  3. and i was logged in under sean again:)

  4. Hi Jenny- I ws going to show my daughter the video- she loves 1D but I couldn't find it on your FB page. Any advice???

  5. I have a feeling Marissa doesn't mind putting up with those clowns one bit…