Wednesday, May 21, 2014

End of Year--Voice Recital

The end of the school year is filled with all kinds of lasts. Ben and Lily had their last voice recital with one of my favorite people.

I've written about Allyson and her magical vocal superpowers before (when she changed Tucker's life). She has such a gift not only of music but of how to reach kids during that difficult stage of their lives called adolescence.

She develops an individual relationship with each of her students, and when it's graduation time, a deep bond is forged between them.
Those goodbyes are hard, I get it.

She's tough, but she's fun, and that's a combination that my kids totally get.
The kids rocked their solos this year. I know my kids aren't the easiest to teach.

Thanks, Allyson. 

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  1. Nothing better than a good teacher, especially for adolescents.

    My sister is one, too. Hugs and gratitude to them all.