Thursday, May 8, 2014

While We Were Busy Prom-ing

Heidi and Sam blessed Baby Jonah last weekend (for more information on the LDS practice of baby blessings, click here). Although I was tied up with a few activities with Ben, Brad and Hyrum flew up to Idaho (and Tucker and Karli drove up from Utah) for the big event.
I know Brad has another of his epic movies in the editing stage, but I had to share some of the photos he sent me that weekend so that I didn't feel left out of the excitement.
Jonah was waiting in his swing for a clean diaper. 

I wish I had been there to help with his bath.

Ellie's third birthday was May 4th. Heidi said that after she unwrapped her new baby doll, she promptly pushed every other animal/toy/baby off her bed and said, "I don't need these any more."
Three clean kids, getting ready for Church.

I was happy that Hyrum got a chance to 1) have an adventure with his dad, and 2) be the oldest kid around for a change. Brad said he took that responsibility pretty seriously.  See Ellie's yellow Easter dress? I guess my daughter is more like me than I thought, because I bought the exact same dress for Evie for Easter, and they both wore them to Church on the same day.

One thing about my aggressive, rough, ninja son--he has the softest heart around, and he loves babies. 
It continues to surprise me how the love in a family expands each time a new member is added. 

I am the luckiest person alive to have the husband, kids, in-laws, and now grandbabies that I do.

The Sanatorium just keeps getting bigger and better.


  1. You really are a lucky lady. Those are the cutest grandkids…and I love their little uncle, too.


  2. that sweeeeeeet baby!!!! GIMMIE!:):):)

  3. Beautiful grandkids, Jen! And I love that Hyrum.