Tuesday, June 24, 2014

25 Years--By the Numbers

What accumulates over approximately 9,130 days together?
1339 E. Madison Park Avenue, Chicago
8 addresses
2 in Utah, 2 in Chicago, and 4 in Mesa
+1 bonus summer living with my parents in Idaho


Six wedding rings
2 for him--jammed his finger one too many times and his knuckle was never the same again
4 for me--one in the bottom of Lake Michigan (that's a story), two interim gold bands, and a surprise for our thirteenth anniversary that I had admired in a store one day


14 jobs--9 for him, 5 for me
He's offended the entire student body of BYU with a single editorial and built his own firm from scratch. I've taught about Purim in a Jewish preschool and taught piano lessons so I could have my dream piano.


13 cars
2 Hondas
1 Datsun
2 Toyotas
3 Chevy Suburbans
1 Audi
1 Acura
2 pickups (a Ford and an GMC
and my favorite--1 Dodge Colt Vista. Don't remember that car?
image from here--don't know why it's smoking
I had been housebound with three little kids because Brad needed our Camry to commute to Phoenix. This little tin can station wagon represented freedom for me.


70,000 miles logged visiting family in Idaho and Utah
plus multiple road trips to California, six trips from Chicago to Utah, two jaunts from Chicago to DC, our Summer Grand Adventure in Pennsylvania, and we've driven coast to coast and back again.


17 pets
6 fish
4 frogs
3 dogs
2 hermit crabs
1 dwarf shrew
1 cat
Thankfully, that number does not include any snakes.


5 marathons and half a dozen half marathons
A lot of miles on these old legs of ours


Approximately 1,953 days (or about 279 weeks) of pregnancy
Factor that into how many days we've been married, and I've been pregnant for more than 20% of our marriage.  That sounds like a lot.
That is a lot.


98 cumulative years of parenting
Add up the ages of our kids. Crazy, right?

Add in countless sleepless nights, gallons of vomit, hundreds of dirty diapers and loads of laundry, thousands of toilet paper rolls, hundreds of light sabe battles, and about 3,650 trips to Target, and it all equals up to

25 years I wouldn't change for anything.


  1. That Idaho paper was like a trip back home to Rupert :)

  2. This was really fun to read. Some things are just amazing to think about, right?

    Can you believe Greg and I have already had 6 addresses?

  3. That sweet Dodge Colt Vista is "smoking" because it is PEELING OUT, BABY!!

  4. LOVE this! Happy Anniversary!