Monday, July 21, 2014

Big Surprise Revealed

A month ago, I posted this enigmatic statement on my blog:

I am working on something even bigger, beyond the scope of grad school and academia and theory. It's so far out of my comfort zone that every time I think about it, I get that pit-in-my-stomach feeling. I have to be prepared to be wrong, and that's scary.

It's time to reveal my big surprise. Here it is--a new website/blog. If you'd like to visit the new blog, here's the link:

I have put my whole heart and soul into this project. I believe in it.

The blog is only the first step. I intend to approach the gifted education administrators with a proposal to completely overhaul their program--in the entire district of over 63,000 students. I have formed a group called For Mesa’s Gifted Kids that needs your support. If we can assemble a core group of vocal supporters asking for change, then I expect the administration will listen. Please take the time to read through the website and sign the petition, adding your voice to others who agree that MPS should reevaluate how our gifted kids’ needs are being met. 

For those of you in Mesa Public Schools--past or present students, parents/grandparents/guardians, or teachers--please take the time to read and review the site. Tell your family and friends and children. Share the site on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram--whatever your social media choice may be. It's time to make a difference in Mesa, and with your support, we can effect that change. Those not in MPS, you're welcome to visit and leave comments as well. I would love to hear what works in your districts and what doesn't--what you'd like to change and what you'd never like to lose. More support=more possibilities.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment here or on the new blog. I look forward to your responses.

Time to put up or shut up.


  1. Jenny, I believe that ALL children are gifted. It is up to us as educators, parents and administrators to help each child find and develop their gift(s). We need to help them reach their greatest potential. Being gifted academically is only one of many forms of giftedness.

  2. That is exactly what she is pushing for. For those that are gifted in baseball and football and art and orchestra and debate and drama and cheerleading, they have a program in schools that adequately caters to those gifts. You stated that we should help them reach their greatest potential. We believe that the public school system utterly and completely fails in this aspect. It is this change that we seek for the intellectually gifted.

  3. Margie, I think your comment illustrates a common issue related to giftedness. The truth of the matter is that not all children are gifted. Do all children have gifts? Of course! But not all children are intellectually gifted. The fact that these intellectually gifted children are being asked to function in a classroom that teaches to the median abilities of the students in the class is not providing appropriate services for the truly gifted children in the same way it wouldn't be providing appropriate services for those with special needs. It's ok for some kids to be identified as academically or intellectually gifted. It's not a statement about the other children in the classroom, nor a suggestion that they deserve any less concern or help reaching their potential.

  4. Wow. This is exciting! And amazing.

    On my way to check it out.


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