Thursday, July 17, 2014

Family Tradition Dating Back at Least a Decade

Mesa Community College conducts a musical theatre workshop every June. For two weeks, kids from all over the valley come together to sing, dance, make friends, and share their love for the stage.
In two weeks, the talented directors take squirrelly 5-17 year-old kids and transform them into a performance troupe.

Micah hasn't shown any desire to participate, until this summer. 
He was the youngest in the entire group, and he didn't love it at first.
He changed his mind as the songs morphed into mini shows and the kids became his friends.
In fact, it's been almost a month, and just yesterday he started singing one of his MCC songs--"Mesa, Arizona" (a very cleverly rewritten version of The Music Man's "Gary, Indiana")--adding, "I'll know these songs the rest of my life."
On the other hand, Miss Lily was, as they say, "Born to Entertain." She has participated in the workshop since before kindergarten, and the second that spotlight goes on, so does she.

Remember the theme song from "That Thing You Do"? She was one of the groupies swooning over the guys.
I think my favorite number from the show was "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. That song makes ya wanna move, doesn't it?

All of my kids have performed on that stage, and Micah has already decided he will be back next year. Can't wait--gotta keep that tradition alive.


  1. Lily looks entirely too old and adultish in these. My brain completely refuses to believe some of these are her.

  2. that is so fun!!! i acted all through high school and hope my kids have the chance someday. such a fun thing to do.