Monday, July 7, 2014

Micah's Birthday

Micah turned ten last month. What? You hadn't heard? I've been a little behind.
He couldn't stop smiling from the minute he woke up.
I think he was disappointed when he only saw two cards and two presents on the table.

He opened a new science dictionary, but he was still a little sad that there was only one more present to open. I could barely contain my excitement, but I knew what was in that box.
He couldn't believe his eyes when he lifted the lid.
His very own--one that he can use however he wants, whenever he wants, and shoot whatever he wants.

I love Craigslist.  It was cheaper than a point-and-shoot, and since it's older, it's got metal housing--much better for a ten-year-old photographer who's learning to be careful.
Lily made him her trademark sour cream chocolate cake and we BBQ'd and swam the night away.

When it was time for cake, I couldn't find the candles anywhere, so we improvised. First we tried spaghetti noodles,but when the smoke became too stinky to stand one more second, we tore up a paper plate. Not so good, either.
He didn't care.

Best birthday ever, until after he jumped in the pool and hit his eye on the side. We thought he might need stitches, but a big bandaid did the trick.
Good thing he didn't need stitches, or he wouldn't have been able to swim with his friends the next morning.
Pizza, soda, a pool, and friends. What more could a kid want for his tenth birthday?

Oh yeah. A camera! He's been shooting like crazy. Two presents never made a kid happier.

Happy Birthday, Mikes. We love you tons!


  1. What a great birthday (minus the eye mash). Looking forward to some great photography from Micah - looks like he follows in your footsteps. I want Lily to make me her trademark cake! Looked delicious.

  2. Looks like the perfect birthday party! That's so cute that his sister made a cake for him. Love it...and I love the cake stand you have too! I love reading your blog. I don't do it every day....but always come back. I saw that you posted over at clover lane. Favorite post yet on that series "coming home". You are a fabulous writer! xo