Monday, July 14, 2014

Who Would Have Thought?

Kids surprise me sometimes.

Sometimes they complain mightily about the simplest chores.

"Me? I have to put my shoes away? Isn't there a Bill of Rights that protects people around here?"

Other times, they think work is fun.

For instance, Lily was assigned to clean out the fridge and freezer--a job that I really detest. It takes forever, it makes me mad that I neglected that now-slimy bag of asparagus in the bag of the fridge, and it focuses my on another job I hate--grocery shopping.

I love assigning Lily organizing tasks, because she not only does them well, but her brain works similarly to mine, and I can count on things being replaced in a way that I understand.

She hauled the garbage can over to the fridge and began tossing and sorting.
Funny thing. It was like bees to a soda can. Hyrum and Micah thought it looked like . . . fun. And they couldn't stay away. Micah became the self-appointed assistant, while Hyrum just wanted to photo bomb.
Thirty minutes later, both sides of the fridge were cleaned out, organized, and mostly empty. That was my clue to head to Sam's Club.

At least I got out of one of my most hated chores.

Why is it so hard to make them do little chores, but when it comes to the big things, they are so willing? Anyone got the answer to that question?


  1. I am guessing it is because the bigger jobs are different than the normal day to day little jobs they do. I am going to try to see if one of my older children wants to clean my fridge today. I to hate cleaning the fridge. Thanks for the great idea :)

  2. my kids always want to help with the things i don't think they'd want to. their favorite job is scrubbing toilets. who knew?! can't wait to see your bahamas stuff!!! are you on instagram???