Friday, August 15, 2014

Back to School--Lily

Lily--9th Grade
5'5"--she's almost as tall as me!
Favorite food: Mexican
Favorite activity: tumbling and hanging out with friends
Favorite TV show: Once Upon a Time or Chopped!
Favorite movie: The Fault in Our Stars
Favorite book: The Giver

 Do you walk around the shoe store like this, too--one shoe off in preparation for the next great pair?

Lily takes after her mama--she's all about the shoes. Heidi wears a much smaller shoe than I do so exchanging shoes was never an option. Lily and I are the same size, and her focus this trip was all about her shoes--and shoes I might be encouraged to buy for myself, for some weird reason.
I must be getting old, because colors are circling back around again--peach, mint, grey. I remember when they were cool back in the 80s. Now, they are the first colors Lily is drawn to when we shop.

Lily is growing up in so many ways. She is fun to talk to, and she sees the big picture in life more and more. She grabbed my arm while we were shopping and said, "Mom, I'm glad we don't shop all through the year and just do it before school because that makes it special and a great memory I will have my whole life." Even though we have different approaches to shopping (mine is "in and out" while hers is "let's see what's in this store?"), we had a great time together--especially when we hit the 40% off all clearance at GAP. That was good for everyone involved.

The best part of shopping with Lily--her palate is maturing as well. I didn't have to stop at McD's like I did with the other kids. This girl had her sights set on Smash Burger, and I was more than happy to oblige. Have you had their Smash fries? Cooked in olive oil and seasoned with salt and rosemary, they are the best I've ever had.
Lily is my first child to attend ninth grade at the high school instead of junior high. I was dreading the transition, but she has taken it all in stride. I think this will be a fantastic year for her.

And she'll probably convince me to shop with her again soon by bribing me with Smash fries.

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