Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Home Again

As much as I love traveling, it's always better to be home.

Yesterday morning was my first morning home in almost a week, and the heavens opened to welcome me back.
It doesn't rain often in the desert, and it rains even less frequently in the morning, so this was a special treat. We couldn't let it pass. We've lived in this house for seven years now, and this is the first morning I can remember where I've fed kids breakfast before school on the patio.
Rain in the desert is renewing--a break from the endless sunshine and blistering heat of summer. I was smiling all day. I found myself opening the windows and doors for the sounds and smells to accompany my cleaning. On more than one occasion, I wandered to an open door and just watched the sheets of water blow from right to left and quickly rush through the gutters. It was a distracted and rare day--even closed a few of the freeways and required water rescue crews and earned the title of a "200-year storm." Glad I was born during this 200 years.

Mostly, I reveled in being home again--doing laundry, fixing dinner, grocery shopping, helping with homework.

They missed me, and I missed them.

A funny story while I was gone . . .

On Friday morning my phone rang, and the school's number came across the caller ID. I quickly picked it up to find the cafeteria on the other end of the line. Apparently, my little ones hadn't been getting their lunches to school that week, and they'd been eating school lunch. Hyrum had brought $1 to buy "brunch for lunch," and the worker was calling me for clarification.

Inside, I was laughing.

"I'm sorry. I'm in Baltimore, and I can't fix this until next week. Their dad is in charge . . . "

She didn't let me finish the sentence. "Oh. That explains EVERYTHING!" Then we both laughed a knowing laugh and agreed to address the issue when Mom was back in town.

Dad does a great job with chores and baths and making sure kids get to school, but for some things, you just need Mom.

The cafeteria is glad I'm back.

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  1. When my dad was babysitting us, my worst problem were the pony tails. They were so loose I could hardly stand it.