Friday, September 5, 2014

Baby Annie's Blessing Day

We loaded our crew into the Suburban for a quick weekend in Utah.

Tucker blessed Diana Joyce Denton. (For information on a baby blessing in the LDS Church, click here.)

Our little Annie.
She didn't want to cooperate for her photo shoot at first. At least she didn't poop on herself--that was the big worry of the day.
We had a huge group in church that day. (Brad's parents left before we took this shot. They scurried home to get lunch together for all of these people. Thanks, Janie and Greg!) Aunts and uncles, Great-aunts and uncles, Great-great aunts and uncles, first cousins, first cousins once removed, even first cousins twice removed.

And so many grandparents.

Four generations--Priscilla Jane Cardon Denton Brown, Gregory Kay Brown, Brad Alan Denton, Tucker Christian Denton, Diana Joyce Denton
And four more generations--Larry Reed Tucker, Diana Rose Olsen Tucker, Jennifer Tucker Denton, Tucker Christian Denton, Diana Joyce Denton.
Karli's parents are both from Mesa (as are their extended families). I know that when she comes to Mesa in a few weeks, she will be surrounded by Wests and Laytons.
This little girlie is quite lucky--both of her grandmothers are Jens!
Karli's Granny had saved fabric from Karli's wedding dress alterations, and she used that fabric to make Annie's beautiful blessing gown.
 New babies and family.
Nothing better.

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  1. Wonderful photos of one of the most memorable kinds of days with the family.


    PS. My daughter Karin just announced that she is pregnant with twins. I will be blogging about it soon, because it's quite a story. High risk, but we are hopeful that all will be well.