Monday, September 29, 2014

Just Kickin' It a Little Bit

September. It's soccer season.

 Hyrum is #5 for the Fire Chargers.
He plays in the U8 division, and that places him on the older side of the bracket.
The one-year age difference is quite evident in this group.
 He's more aggressive and a little more coordinated than the first graders. 
Ironically, he is only taller than two of other players. My boys start small, I'm afraid.

Here's proof--Micah and his best buddy, John. Same grade. Almost a head shorter than John. It's not a completely fair comparison, since John is one of the tallest in his grade, but it's always interesting to me how height can vary so much in one grade level.
Micah is playing U12 this year. He's one of the youngest on his team (the Griffins), along with being one of the smallest.

The boys had games on adjacent fields at the same time on Saturday (that NEVER happens), which made it easy to sit on the berms between the two fields and bounce our attention from one to the other.
 Wish that shot of John was in focus. 
The weather was pleasant, with just a light breeze. We had quite a bit of rain again this past weekend, and AZ fall is in the air--overnight temperatures below 80 and daytime highs below 100.

I know. Doesn't sound like fall, does it?  I keep trying to convince myself that it IS fall somewhere, even though I can't feel it.

Do me a favor, would you? Go outside around 5 pm tonight, feel the chill creeping in the air, gaze at some changing leave and smell fall for me?



  1. Oh how I wish I could complete that last request, but alas I live in Florida. So our temps are pretty similar just with a lot more humidity. Wishing you color temps soon! The first little break usually happens in October here!

  2. we have gone from 95* to 65* over night. i'm thinking i won't be getting any sunburns at flag football this week:)