Monday, September 8, 2014

Norbert Would Like to Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Blog Post

Who's Norbert, you ask?
 This, my friends, is Norbert as how he appeared four days ago when it was off the Mexican coast.

This, my friends, is how Phoenix looked this morning--I-10 in the heart of the city.

Today is a landmark day here in the Valley of the Sun. Storm began around 2 am, and by 7 am we had surpassed the record for the most rainfall in 24 hours.


When we woke up, our backyard looked like this:

WITHOUT irrigation.

AS we assembled for scriptures, Evie the starfish head asked if school was going to be cancelled.

I scoffed and said of course not.

Little did I know that many districts in the valley have had to cancel schools because of severe flooding.

I headed out to yoga, and this is what I saw on the streets.

 This is a five-lane city street. Traffic could only pass in the middle passing lane.
 This intersection was so flooded that they wouldn't let anyone pass--except the drenched pedestrians.

I called Brad to tell him how crazy everything was out in the world, and he quietly added, "That's not the worst part."

What could be worse?

This is our basement.
 Record-breaking day in Phoenix. I lived to see the day when Phoenix received more rain in six hours than it often does in an entire YEAR.

If you need me, I'll be washing rain-soaked pool towels. And cutting up rug pad.

Could be worse.
This is the freeway that bypasses Cardinal Stadium in Glendale. Did I mention they're supposed to play Monday Night Football there tonight?


  1. Awww... So sorry about your basement. I hope the damage is not too severe. When we were outside watching it...It said...this is not like any storm I have ever seen in my whole life living here. I was right. It was an awesome storm though.

  2. I'm sorry! I've bailed out a few flooded basements in Chicago, always a bummer.

  3. Oh yeah...I so recall those flooded streets when we used to live there in north Glendale. The ground's so hard there's nowhere for the rain to go. We've had more rain in Colorado this summer than in many years' past...but it's been a steady rainy season so we haven't had the flooding (yet!) like last year. We haven't had to water our yard since July. Stay dry, my friend!

  4. i still can't believe all of the rain you got that storm. my cousins were all swimming in their flooded park and i just kept yelling at their pictures "but what about the scorpians in the water!!!!" lol

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