Monday, October 27, 2014

Evie's Birthday, Part 1

Evie began counting down the days to her birthday before Ben left on his mission. Without fail she would wake every morning with the new number on her tongue--"17 more days till my birthday." I think five may be the most magical of all birthdays, where you're old enough to appreciate the building excitement, old enough to enjoy the attention, but still young enough not to be disappointed with presents and stuff like that.

The night before her birthday, Evie made the tiniest of pinches with her fingers and said, "My birthday is this far away!" By morning, a miracle had happened: It was her birthday! Bed head and birthday presents--there is nothing better.

Her brothers were almost as excited about presents as she was. I love the lingering sleepy look on their faces, that look that gradually wears away as morning progresses and they head out the door to school.

Before Ben left, he picked out this little doll for her birthday.
He has a similar one in his bag to entertain any little girls he may find in Peru. Kind of a fun link between him and his baby sister at home.

She didn't stop smiling the entire day.
I brought doughnuts to school for treats, and she didn't even care that the bakery didn't have chocolate long johns. She just smiled through it (which is not her natural tendency when something doesn't go the way she expects), just excited to finally be five.

One of her friends couldn't make it to the birthday party the next day, so we invited her over for a private little tea party. They were so cute. Five-year-old girls are perfect for tea parties with my grandma's tea cups--old enough to be careful, still young enough to think the novelty is incredible.

Lemonade and Nilla wafers. I went all out. And guess what? They didn't even notice. I love five.

It was a long day, and she had to wait until after 8 pm for her birthday cake.

Lily decorated it before running out the door to a football game. Eve loved it. She even got a special crown to wear.
When I tucked her into bed that night, after fifteen blissful celebratory hours of turning five, Miss Evie smiled a final birthday day smile and said, "And tomorrow is still my birthday, because it gets to be my party day!"

A two-day celebration. What five year old could ask for more than that?


  1. Such a sweet remembrance. I agree - five is a wonderful age. Little Miss Hayden just had her party as well - Halloween themed, and she was the happiest and most gracious birthday clown ever. It looked like a wonderful day and I was sorry to have missed it by 3000 miles.

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