Thursday, October 16, 2014

News from the Mission Field

Got Ben's first letter yesterday.

He sounds so happy.

If you'd like to follow along with his adventures, I've started a blog for him (surprised, aren't you?) A shoutout today to my friend Kara at Life with Fingerprints. I've had pretty crazy weeks lately, and she stepped in to help with the blog header.
Isn't it incredible? What I love the most about it is the picture. That name tag is her husband's tag--from when he served in the Peru Lima South mission fourteen years ago--edited to Denton. Thanks, Kara. I couldn't have done that right now.

And yes, there have been more things happening around the Sanatorium than just Ben. Time to move on to a new normal.

As Lily reminded me last night, only 103 weeks left to go.


  1. I love that this exact name tag was actually in Ben's mission. Something special about that! Hope your hanging in there!

  2. It's always better once you start getting letters! Loving the header.