Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday #39--Shot

I made Eve a promise--no more shots until she was as old as Micah. I had to retract that promise.

The doctor's office had mistakenly given one of her boosters too early, and the school informed me that she would need one more shot. It was a tough sell.

After reading this blog post, I tried to remember the last time I'd had a TaP booster, and I couldn't remember.

We got shot together.

She cried for a while. My arm ached for a day--small prices to pay. I just couldn't live with myself if one of my children contracted a disease that could be prevented through vaccinations. And I certainly couldn't live with myself if my child spread one of those diseases on to someone else.

Please please please. Vaccines save lives. Vaccines protect our teachers, our health care professionals, and our children.