Monday, November 3, 2014

Arizona First-World Problems

Can you figure out what my day involves?

No, it's not just cleaning out the freezer.

The freezer broke. Not good. I guess it's good that I got the privilege of cleaning the entire freezer, tubs, shelves, and walls, and waiting for the repairman who is due sometime between 8 and 12--"just for fun" (name that movie).

Not only that, but the class I'm taking right now requires that I learn something I've always dreaded--statistics.
I haven't had a formal math class since Mrs. Stover taught me Algebra II way back in  . . . 1986, 28 years ago. I look at this stuff and not only is it Greek to me, it's horribly difficult to wrap my mind around. An entire semester of stats compressed into six weeks. This isn't gonna end well for anyone.

And finally, to top it all off, I finished my run this morning, only to get CHILLY in my sweaty clothes. Fall decided to hit Arizona last night. We can't keep the windows open all night without freezing everyone out in the morning (like 67 degrees inside), and my three little kids wore jackets! to school today.

I know. You should feel bad for me. My life is tough.


  1. Hey I was a tutor for stats back in college...mmm 28 years ago...eekkk - nevermind, it may be greek to me too!

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  3. We are scraping windows here. We just pulled out all of out garden since we have had below freezing temps here. I wish that all my kids had to wear was a jacket. Welcome to Fall Arizona! Can't wait to see your cute family in a few weeks!! :)

  4. Ooh sorry for the freezer trouble! I sure feel for you with the stats, as that was the class that gave me fits.

  5. I HATED statistics at BYU. I think I lived in the math lab that semester. Good luck!!! you have my condolences!

  6. Don't you leave the freezer door shut in that situation? How long was it broken for?

  7. hahaha, i leave my windows in my bedroom open all winter long in utah!!! i love to sleep in a crisp 52* and since the kids wouldn't tolerate it, i just freeze our room out all winter long. heaven:) sean has requested flannel sheets for this year, hahahaha. i'm sorry for your stats class. i got anxiety just looking at the symbols.