Monday, November 24, 2014

Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul . . .

. . . and windows are the eyes of a home.

The cabin received its sight this week, and they're a bit of a surprise.
A friend of mine made the 90-minute drive from the valley with me, and as we rounded the corner of the driveway, she let out a small gasp and asked, "Are they going to stay that color?"

My answer was yes.

Her reaction made me so happy. She said, "I love the color. It makes me smile and makes the cabin look like a happy place."

I couldn't agree more.

I stewed about this decision, weighing the pros and cons of such a bold choice for a feature of the home that will never be changed. In the end, I followed my heart. And it makes me smile, too.

We wandered around the construction zone for a while, me showing her where the kitchen table will be and measuring out the size of the island, her asking questions and sharing my excitement.

When we were about to leave, she turned to me and said, "I can see you and Brad on a swing right here, with all of your grandkids on these steps. This will be such a happy place."
The soul of this place is already speaking to me. 

Soon. Very soon.


  1. i love the windows! a cabin can never have too many :)

  2. So glad your dream is coming to pass. What a great place it will be.

  3. Those red windows are so fun....and so many memories waiting to take place there very soon!