Monday, November 10, 2014

Sending Pieces of Us to Peru

I had to deliver Ben's Christmas package last Friday. Missionary packages through the postal service have about a 20% chance of being received, so instead of risking that, I found a local woman who travels to Peru a few times a year and will deliver packages to the mission offices for a fee. It was a little more expensive than the post office, but it was worth it to me to know that he will actually receive his Christmas stuff. It's nothing exciting, as you can see from the list, but every present was chosen with love from his family. What a missionary will do with a magic 8 ball, I don't know, but Hyrum and Micah were convinced that he'd love it. Who am I to say? One of the stipulations of using this service is that nothing can be wrapped, and that makes me a little sad. I hope he can leave the box alone and not open anything till Christmas, but I seriously doubt that.

The weirdest thing about delivering this package was the timing. It's weird enough that I had to complete all of his Christmas stuff the first week of November, but the package will be arriving in Peru on November 16th.

What's weird about that? Ben probably won't even be in Peru until November 19th. It's crazy to me that he won't even be in the country yet, but the package will be waiting for him. One of those Twilight Zone moments of life.


  1. Why do so many packages get lost on the way to Peru?

  2. No idea. I know that packages get to Chile and Argentina just fine . . . I'd just rather not play the odds.

  3. My son is in Paraguay and his mission president sent a letter requesting we do not send packages. While maybe a bit sad, it is actually a relief to have "permission" not to deal with the expense and worry of mailing packages. Thanks for your blog!!

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