Friday, November 14, 2014

Small Changes for My Little Boys

When Ben left, I promised my little boys that they could have his room.

After a little bit of work was done on it.

A built-in bookcase and headboards were removed, and the closet is being reconfigured.
They were stoked when they got to break down the sheetrock and lumber.

A stray nail caught Micah on the hand, but it didn't slow him down for long.
Are my boys unusual when it comes to their complete enjoyment in busting stuff up?

The drywall guys are upstairs right now mudding and taping off the new sheetrock.
Shouldn't be long now, boys!


  1. I think all boys love a good demo, such a thrill to do exactly what you've always wanted and not get in trouble!

    After several years living with the room you must have reasons for doing away with the built ins and the window seat--I hope you will share the whys of the changes along with the "after" pictures.

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