Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Mustache You . . .

Brad had a brilliant idea for Family Home Evening.
He would let the kids shave his beard. I thought he was crazy. They thought he was awesome!
They took the job very seriously.

It started with the chin and progressed from there.
He gave Micah his first shaving lesson.
Micah was a quick study I think.
Lily was sick that night so she missed out on the fun, but Eve was all over this opportunity. Check out the old-school chops.

Micah reached into the sink, and Hyrum shouted, "EW!! Don't touch Dad's HAIR!!"
I loved watching my little boys shave. Hyrum was busy grooming his mustache like an expert.
The chops disappeared, and all that was left was this awful mustache.

And that's when it happened . . .
. . . He decided to keep the mustache. Dubbing himself "Mr. Fantastico," he trimmed it and shaped it . . .
. . . and almost shaved his head! Reason struck before he shaved it bald, but he did cut it pretty short.
Eve hated the mustache almost as much as I did. She kept telling him, "Daddy, shave off that MUSTACHE! You know Mom won't kiss you with that!" She was right, you know. (See her little row of stitches under her chin?)
Later that evening, Brad posted this photo on Facebook. So icky. He wore it to work that day and then out to dinner that night. Half of our neighborhood saw him at the restaurant. I was embarrassed. He thought it was hilarious.
And then, just like that, he shaved it off and headed to a meeting.
I miss the beard a little bit, but that stache? No. No. No. NO!
My kids will never forget the time they shaved their dad's beard, and I won't forget Mr. Fantastico.

Glad he's gone.


  1. That's such a cute family activity. Great intro into grooming for your boys. I feel very fortunate that my husband is fairly anti facial hair, so I'm at low risk of having to go out to dinner with him sporting a creepy mustache.

  2. That's so adorable!

    That mustache really did need to go, though. Super creepy!

  3. So cute! My dad has always had a beard, but shaved it once when I was three, and I refused to speak to him until it grew back. ;)