Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The season has been over for a few weeks now, and somehow these pictures were lost on my hard drive--or in my mind. Couldn't be me, could it?

Hyrum and Micah both played basketball this season. I don't think either of them will go pro any time soon, but they did have a good time playing.

Hyrum is in the age group where they are more concerned about shooting the ball themselves than they are about passing and sharing.

 He did land a few miracle shots over the course of the season and his games always ended with treat.
 Isn't that what matters?

Micah's team was a bit of a different story.
His team was comprised mostly of his friends, was coached by his best friend's mom, and was trained on the court in his friend's back yard.
 They learned a lot this season. I watched them defend, pass, and call plays. They rotated point guards and learned picks, screens, and strategy.

 His coaches are amazing. Husband and wife, they manage to coach almost every sport their kids play, and that's saying something. She is currently expecting their tenth child.
I'm so grateful for her--it makes getting Micah to practice a whole lot easier when it's just around the corner and I don't have to arrange carpool. Or even really think about practice at all, really.

There was some jungle ball in this league. The boys are learning how to throw their weight a little and what is a foul and what isn't (and what technically is a foul but really isn't called--or shouldn't be).
This guy was amazing this season. He had two shots--one NBA three-pointer at the buzzer and one layup with four seconds left--that were game winners. I know the boys will never stop talking about those shots. When they're graduating from high school, they'll all say, "Hey, remember in fifth grade when S won that game with a three-pointer at the buzzer? That was so awesome!"

Micah had chances to handle the ball and shoot. He wasn't the star, but he played hard.
Their team made it to the semi-finals, and they had to play the best team in the league--the Net Rippers.

 It wasn't too fair of a fight--we lost by at least 20 points, but our boys never gave up.

Here's Coach trying to explain to his two biggest players how to use their size when they're defending under the hoop.
It was a great season.
And like every sport they play, I'm always glad when the season's over. Is that bad?

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