Monday, March 23, 2015

Before the Break

Blogging took a back seat around here last week--Spring Break, ya know. I have a few posts in process, but I had to post these pictures of Lily from her choir concert earlier this month.

She was really funny during the whole concert--wouldn't smile even once.
She told me later that she thought if she didn't smile, then I wouldn't take her picture.  Silly girl! Doesn't she know that NOTHING prevents parents from taking pictures these days? This one cracked me up. What kind of enunciation is exacted with this expression?
Even though she isn't smiling, I think she looks beautiful. When did my little girl grow up?
I did get her smiling on this one--only because she thought the hand game they had to do was really dorky and she couldn't help herself.
Hopefully life will get back to normal around here quick this week--I've got mounds of laundry and no clean dishrags. Oodles of homework and no time to do it.

Back to reality for nine more weeks--then it's SUMMER!


  1. She looks so grown up and lovely. My kids also refuse to smile during pictures, but just like you, it doesn't stop me at all.

  2. EVERYTHING took a back seat for my Spring Break last week. It was bliss!

    I love that you took pictures anyway! That's what moms are supposed to do!

  3. She really has grown up to be a beautiful young woman.