Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February Photo Project, Part 3--Light

I decided at the beginning of the month that I would take at least one photo every day to record the birth of spring. I think I missed three days all month, and when I would go to bed, I would be sad that I had missed my opportunity.

What I learned most from this monthlong photography project was about how light affects the mood and the quality of a photo.

February afternoon light is magical and fleeting--pixie dust must be made during this hour every day. Everything the light touches goldens and becomes more beautiful. Sometimes I was able to translate that in the photo, and other times, I was unsuccessful (like in the upper left photo). I still don't fully understand why, but I'm working on it.
Some subjects bring their own light--like the upper right photo--but its uniqueness didn't work in the photo. The photo that didn't work of the tree above was much better when taken from a different angle with different lighting (top left, below). Placement of light in front of or behind the subject also made a difference.

I love the silhouette picture above. That elm tree just began to sprout its leaves and is currently covered with teenage green peach fuzz. The new leaves catch the afternoon light. My shot couldn't capture that moment very well.

But silhouetted against a stormy spring sky? Yeah. That works.
And the best light of the day? Sunset. Arizona has the most consistently beautiful and vivid sunsets of anywhere I've ever been.

It's so much easier to capture great light on still subjects. I hope I can adapt what I've learned from plants and apply it to the people in my life.

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  1. nature always comforts me..and those sunsets are one of the gems in Arizona.