Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day Camp

One of the best things about turning 8?
Cub Scouts! My fourth and final cub scout.

He may have missed the Pinewood Derby, but he got to go to Day Camp!
 With the theme, "Putting on the Whole Armor of God," they rotated from station to station doing boys stuff. Our ward was in charge of making shields. Each shield was precut from plywood, sanded, and painted, and arm straps were attached to the back.
 The boys picked up the screws and washers and their arms were measured for a custom fit. Hyrum really wanted to use the drill himself.
 Then they painted and personalized their shields of faith.
 This will be the only time any of my boys attend Day Camp together. Micah was the seasoned member of the group at almost 11.
 Every second was pure joy for this chappy lipped kid.

Knowing my boys and the way they play, these shields (and the bows and arrows and rockets) that they made will get worn out around here.