Saturday, April 18, 2015

Telling a Story

I've decided that my goal as the photographer in my family is to use my photos to tell stories. I've been trying to see the story through the lens, and sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. I'm still working on it.

Which of these three photos is your favorite? I've been working on my editing skills as well, and I'm trying out a few things.

I love this first one, except for the ladder. The ladder is part of the story, since Micah was rotating from sitting under the tree with his book to climbing the ladder to get more altitude on the swing. But it seems a little distracting.
Then I moved the ladder and got a little closer. Better in black and white?
Or in color?
I struggle with seeing a shot and setting it up and then not having it translate well when I take the photo. I need more practice and maybe take another class or two. It's all a process.

So, which would you pick as the best of the three?


  1. I almost always will pick color and this is one of those times.

  2. I like the wider angle of the first picture best. There is more to discover and it show's more of Micah's surroundings. It's less of a generic "reading under a tree" picture. You can see the swing, and the ladder makes you wonder what it's been used for. More story here. I also find the car a bit distracting in image 2 and 3.

  3. I don't know. They all look good to me. Sweet pictures.

  4. I like the first one...especially with the ladder! I already think you're an awesome photographer!

  5. Love the first one!! I like the ladder in the photo. It gives it depth.

  6. Love the first one!! I like the ladder in the photo. It gives it depth.

  7. I chose the first immediately. But then I took my time and took a second look.The first one is a bit too straight across, too horizontal. There's too much in the backgound and on the sides. I keep scanning the picture. Everything in the picture is focused.
    Now I absolutely love the second one. The angle is great, your son is immediately the center of attention and my eyes keep coming right back to him. I also love the crooked tree. It gives interest to the picture. This picture is all about your son - the focus is definitely on him.

  8. I honestly can't choose one because each fills a different purpose and tells a different story. But I think I prefer black and white to color, if that helps.