Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Under the Big Top

School talent show every year--Micah has something all ready to go, and Hyrum begs to try out. I had an idea from an act I had seen a few years ago at the high school talent show, and I asked him what he thought. He loved it and convinced his best buddies to join him.

I enlarged photos of three of the male teachers at their school and attached each of them to the backs of baseball caps with velcro. This made instant bobble heads.

That's where Lily stepped in. She chose the music, choreographed the dance, and taught them the routine. The boys listened to her much better than they would have listened to me, and I think one of them developed a little crush on Lily.

Both boys' acts made the show, and I even let Lily skip the first few classes that day so she could come support her "boys."

Micah tore it up on the piano.
And here's a video of the boys jamming to "Classic," by MKTO.
Eve was in the audience and she loved watching her brothers. Can you find her?

End of the year is always filled with tons of programs, projects, and responsibilities. This is one the kids always love.

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