Wednesday, June 3, 2015

End-of-Year Wrap-Up: Hyrum

My Hyrum. Second grade was a year of extremes. Not a whole lot new to learn in school, but a whole lot new to learn about himself.
On the last day of homework, Hyrum realized he hadn't done his packet for the week and he had to spend the short amount of time he had before leaving for school right here--sprawled on the floor and cranking it out as fast as he could. He still gets frustrated very easily, but we are going to work on it this summer.

Hyrum's favorite thing right now is cub scouts. He earned his first patch--bobcat--and he was really looking forward to pack meeting so he could receive it.

There's a tradition in our pack that goes back a ways--don't think Ben did this, but Micah did.

When you earn a rank advancement, you have to pull it out of a plate of whipped cream.
These boys were excited at the prospect.

Moms prepared their plates . . .
. . . and the boys dug in!

Love this kid!

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