Thursday, June 18, 2015

Karli In the Spotlight

This last year has been a rough one for Tucker and Karli. School, working three jobs, church callings, and a new baby.

I remember how hard it was to balance it all. They've muddled through it the best they can, and the end is now in sight.

As one of her final requirements for graduation in vocal performance, Karli put together her senior voice recital.

Sixteen songs. Some in English. Some in German. Some in French. And some in Italian.

One hour of solo performance.

It was incredible.
She moved from one language to the next with no hesitation, interpreting each lyric to convey to the uneducated among us what she was singing. As I listened to her effortlessly hit high then low then higher notes, I marveled at her talent. I knew she was beautiful and talented, but I had no idea what she could really do with her voice.

It was amazing.

Annie did well through the performance, but an hour is a long time for a tiny girl. Just as the last set began, she decided enough was enough. I took her out into the lobby and did what grandmas do--gave her her first cream puff and watched her face light up when she discovered the cream inside. She sucked that cream puff dry like she was sucking a bottle.

Karli's last set of songs included a few that she sings to Annie every night as lullabies--Brahm's Lullaby (in German), Goodnight Moon (the words of the book put to music), to list a few. By the time the whole thing was over, Annie had been away from her mama long enough.
I am so proud of Karli and how hard she worked to finish this huge project. I can't imagine how long it takes to memorize all those words, translate them into English, and remember where and when to breathe.
It was so worth the quick trip to hear her. Love this little family!


  1. I am so glad that you were able to make it to her recital. Did anyone record it? I would love to hear it.

    1. They made a professional recording and her dad taped the whole thing. I don't know if it's ready yet, but I'll let you know.