Thursday, June 25, 2015

Micah's Birthday, Part 2

I inadvertently planned a retreat to our new cabin on Micah's birthday (photos coming of the entire cabin soon!).

When I was asked which weekends in June I would be available, the best one for everyone was June 19-20. I agreed to the dates, and promptly put it on the back burner of my brain. Two days later we were sitting in church and Micah was reading the announcements.

"Mom, are you going to the Relief Society retreat?" 

I didn't even look up from digging in my bag. "Of course I am. It's at our cabin. I have to go."

He was suddenly silent, and that caught my attention. I looked up for a moment, and I could see a tear form in the corner of his eye and roll down his cheek.

"What's wrong, buddy?"

"That's my birthday."

Bad Mom moment. Very Bad Mom moment.

So what is a mom to do? I began to comfort him by letting him plan any birthday party he wanted (hence, the food fight), and reassure him that I would be home in time to open presents and go out to dinner as our family on his actual birthday. He seemed suspect, but let it go.

Usually for birthdays, my kids tell me a few things they think would be good, but this year, Micah didn't say anything.

And I surprised him.

Big time.

When you turn eleven, it's important to perfect your "cool" face. He's still working on it.  (I love how Hyrum is looking at his big brother. He idolizes him.)
 Ten bucks from the maternal grandparents. Good. New Boy Scout shirt, patches, and manual. Ok.
 But what was in that big box?
Wish my camera had been on a different setting, because once he discovered what was inside, he couldn't sit still.

I love this picture, even if it's blurry. Such surprise and joy.
 Neither of my older boys had a BB gun, I don't know why.

 He knew exactly how to hold it . . . the box, anyway.
After opening presents, we still had time to go out to dinner--and share the biggest ice cream sundae.

And since he's eleven now, I let him choose a movie and start it after 8 pm. With age comes a few privileges.
 Even the most venerable Smaug and Bilbo Baggins couldn't keep him awake for long.
He may be getting big, but he's still my little boy. Too big for Brad or I to carry him to bed, but still our little boy.

Love you, Mikes!

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