Monday, June 22, 2015

One of Those Days

I was part of a conversation this past weekend that made me stop and think.

Our online personas are not are real personas. You know that, right? No matter how perfect that day at the beach looks on Instagram, there must have been some unpleasant occurrences and some unkind exchanges and some unhappy moments.

I try to keep life real around here at the Sanatorium while still respecting my children's line between disclosure and privacy. I love to share the great moments, but when it comes to the hard stuff, I don't want to ever humiliate them or incriminate them. I do post occasional funny moments of discipline or difficult moments of parenthood, but I always try to stay this side of that line.

Let me say this:

Today has been one of those days. One of those days when Evie asked, "Why are you doing this (places elbows on the counter and covers her face with her hands)?"

Kids won't work.
Kids tell lies to avoid consequences for choices.
Kids cut corners during their chores.
Kids can't find _____________ and won't believe me when I tell them it's because they never put stuff away.
One kid threw a shoe at another kid while second kid was screaming/standing in the corner in time out.
Mom got after shoe thrower a little too much for the crime.
Mom's patience was thin and temper was short.
Suburban lights came on again today--after being in the shop two days last week.

I love my family. I love being their mom. I love the moments when they learn something new or succeed at something hard or hug me just because they love me. My life is good--really, really good--and I thank God for it every day.

But some days are just rough.

Some days, moms forget all that good stuff and only see the bad stuff. Some days, moms want to escape. Some days, moms regret their own actions when it comes to taking care of their families.

Lucky for this mom, these days are few and far between.

I just needed to remind myself of that fact.

Life here at the Sanatorium is acutely real, and rarely close to perfect. No Pinterest perfection or Insta photo from us today.

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