Monday, June 29, 2015

Retreat in the Pines

The primary reason I busted my backside getting the cabin finished and furnished was so we could hold our Relief Society retreat there. I had the fixed deadline of June 19th, and I wanted every detail to be in place before all of the ladies came.

It was a great weekend. I had the best intentions to get a formal picture of everyone who came, but that never happened. They were too busy doing puzzles and playing cards and visiting with each other to be bothered with a silly picture.

Instead, I took a few as we all talked about our favorite talks from April's General Conference.
I think we had 25 women there that night. Even though it was 115 in the valley that day and 96 in Pine, it cooled off nicely that evening--open windows, open hearts.
I have lived in this ward for fifteen years, and many of these women I have learned to love and count on like they were my sisters.
A few carloads had to return to the heat that night (one of the best reasons to build where we did--it's only 90 minutes home and totally doable to return the same night), but the rest found beds and couches and mattresses and floor space.

Late night. Early morning.

I sneaked out of bed early to hike up the rim and watch the sunrise.

Worth it. Even woke this guy up. He stared me down for a few minutes before darting down the wash. Can you see the cabin in the background? I love how easy it is to see wildlife right on our own property.
Some got up and walked. Some slept in.
All gathered to chat and prepare for heading back to our families that afternoon.
Thanks for coming, ladies. Thanks for being my friends. Thanks for sharing my dream with me for the weekend.

Here's to many more.

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