Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Best Summer Activity Is Already Over???

There are some exciting things planned around here for the summer, but Lily and Micah have already finished their best thing: MCC's Magic of Musical Theatre workshop.

My kids have been participating in this fantastic experience since Tucker was 11--that makes it thirteen years now. In my opinion, this year's show was one of the best I've ever seen. Truly remarkable.

Micah loves being part of the show.
 This session of the workshop is for kids 4th-12th grade, so he's part of the younger group of kids.
 Shoutout to the new MCC theatre. Wow. The lighting, the acoustics, the the seats. The everything are incredible.
 I think he really enjoyed being Charlie Brown for one song--the kid can ham it up.

 I love Newsies--one of my favorite musicals and easily the best ever for boys. All of the boys in the show sang "Carrying the Banner," and they were fantastic.
 I am so glad these younger boys have examples of older boys doing something they love--showing the younger ones that there is more than sports fields and balls in life. Don't get me wrong--love me some sports, but there is room for so many activities in life.
Funny to see my boy sporting eyeliner . . .
Lily is going through serious withdrawals right now. She told me that this was the best year of workshop ever.
 That girl brings so much energy to the stage--gives it her all every time.

In two weeks and about 24 hours of rehearsal, 80+ kids memorize over a dozen songs--the words and the choreography.
Lily is one of the older kids now, and being one of the older kids has a few perks--like funnier songs and solos. These photos are from "How the Other Half Lives."
My favorite song of the night (and hers as well) was "There Once Was a Man," from Pajama Game. She was paired with a guy who is just as animated and sassy as she is, and they really played up their roles.
 Probably the best part of workshop is the instant friendships that are forged over two short weeks.
 Lily met a few kids who attend her new school, and I know that will make the transition a little easier.

But no friends are better than old friends. These two came to watch Lily perform.

Now if they can both find something productive to do all afternoon.

Now it's Hyrum's and Evie's turns to participate.

Thanks, Dana, Lindsey, Allyson, Chris, Jenn, and everyone else who makes this the most magical part of our summer, every year.

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  1. :-) We surely love us some Denton kids!! Thanks for sharing them with us all these years.