Monday, July 27, 2015

A Journey of 2,919 Miles Give or Take, Leg 3--Wyoming

I have great childhood memories of this antler arch.
I'm happy I now have memories with my own children in Jackson, Wyoming.

The weather! It was cool and rainy the day we spent there, but we didn't let it deter us from riding the lift to the top of Snow King Mountain.
Until the moment I snapped this picture, I had no idea that Hyrum is afraid of heights.
But with a view like this, how can you stay afraid for long?
Even standing by this railing freaked him out a little. His fear is more irrational than most. Sometimes he's afraid, and sometimes he's not. I can't tell if it's an act, or if it really is that inconsistent.
It was spectacular on top of that mountain. Because of the weather, no one else was around, and the kids could explore and run and enjoy.

The valley behind the mountain was fogged over, and it tempered and quieted our experience. Hyrum wouldn't look, but the other kids . . .
. . . thought it would be a good idea to throw rocks into the cloudy valley. I had to stop that as soon as I realized what they were doing.

Take a look at Eve's frown in the picture below. Can't remember what made her so mad, but she wasn't gonna hide it!

Whew. He made it back down. They had flipped up the security bar just before they touched ground, thinking they were all brave and stuff.
We spent the day walking around Jackson, looking in shops, eating lunch at a local bakery, seeing Ripley's Believe It or Not (Micah loved it, Hyrum hated it), and posing with these sculptures.
 Micah has a special affinity for Einstein and was thrilled to have their picture together.
 Eve knew who this was! I was surprised.
 We even took time to pull on Excalibur. Micah is not the next king.
 Neither is Hyrum.
 But as Eve got up for her turn, the boys both said, "How weird would it be if we couldn't pull it out and Eve did?"
She didn't. Whew. I don't know if the world is ready for Queen Eve!

That night we attended "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" at the Jackson Playhouse. I remember sitting on the floor of the lobby and singing songs with the cast before watching a melodrama on this same stage. I was young--younger than Micah is now--but I remember how happy I was that day. I had hoped that my kids' experience would be just as memorable. I had told them a little about the show, but I secretly hoped that they wouldn't be bored.

They loved it. All three of them. They laughed at the right places and outwardly cringed but inwardly liked the kissing parts. Eve retreated into my shoulder when one of the brothers sat down behind us and asked her if we had seen a girl with blond hair like Eve's, because he needed to take her back to her family. It was awesome, everything I had hoped for in the experience. 


  1. We took pictures in front of that antler arch on our road trip just last month! Unfortunately, we were just passing through Jackson, and didn't get to do all the amazing things you did.