Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Little Kids' Turn to Perform at MCC

The two little kids looked forward to their MCC experience the entire time the big kids participated.
Once it started, however, Evie ran hot and cold about it.
Some days, she sang and danced on the coffee table in the family room at the top of her lungs.
Other days, she begged me not to make her go back. She told me she didn't want to do the show one day, and I agreed. "You don't have to do the show, but you still have to go to rehearsal, ok?"
The next day, while swimming in the pool, she asked me if it was ok to change her mind and be in the show. "Of course. I think that's a good decision."
On the day of the show, time couldn't pass fast enough for her. "They said I should take a nap and be well rested and pull my hair off my face and I can even wear makeup!"
At 6:15, I took her upstairs to do her hair and makeup. Not ten minutes into it, she began melting down again. "I don't wamt makeup! Take it off! I can't do the show! Tell them I won't sing my solo!" We all mobilized to try and convince her--Micah even offered to buy her skittles if she would sing.
She was still upset when we arrived at the theatre, but she walked in by herself and I didn't see her again until, she appeared on stage bubbling and singing.
That girl. I don't know about her.
Hyrum, on the other hand, had a great time singing and dancing and having fun and making new friends.

I am so grateful my kids have this experience every summer.

It truly is the highlight of their activities, and we plan family reunions and vacations around it.

Thanks, Aubrey, Lindsay, and Jenn for all of your hard work.

I can't beleivde they can practice with dozens of 5-9 year-old kids for eight 2-hour practices over two weeks.
And come up with a high energy show like this one.
No tears. No meltdowns. Just 50 minutes of great entertainment.

One dad I saw said, "That was the most entertaining hour I've spent all month. No. Probably all year."

I agree.

Now that our theatre experiences are over for the summer, what are we going to find to do?

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