Wednesday, August 5, 2015

On Documenting the Journey

They knew it was coming every night. First, a bath, jammies, and teeth. Then Mom would pull out the notebooks, pens, washi tape, and crayons. Finally, Mom would empty her purse of the memorabilia she had collected from the day's adventures.

And it was their job to write about it.

My kids have vivid imaginations and conjure stories from thoughts all the time. Getting them to write them down is more painful than dentistry. I tried to make the experience a little more fun--multi-colored ink pens, lots of creative tape, and free rein to design pages however they wanted. I collected receipts, ticket stubs, leaves, flowers, and hotel keys. I bought postcards and stickers and anything else that looked like it could assist them in telling the stories of their days.

It was difficult almost every night. After the lights were off and they were settling down listening to Harry Potter, I would repack suitcases, brush my own teeth and sigh. I know in twenty years, these little comp books will be valuable treasures to them. That's the only thought that kept me enforcing their writing each night.

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  1. I loved reading of your adventures and everything you learned along the way! Sounds like it will be a summer they talk about for a long time.