Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What Raising Readers Looks Like

I love books--picture books, early readers, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and history, chick books, text books, comic books.

I love books.

My boys love books. My big boys and my little boys. This is what Micah's and Hyrum's nightstand looks like on a daily basis.
Let's examine that mess a little closer.
I counted at least twenty books in those stacks. Harry Potter. Percy Jackson. Calvin and Hobbes. Cub scout Wolf book. Book of Mormon. Books for the "Battle of the Books" competition. Dr. Seuss anthology. All precariously balanced.
Over and over, the boys read bits and chapters they love without rereading the entire book, reacquainting themselves with beloved friends and their capers. Their closet looks just like this--stacks and stacks of well-worn books hidden between clothes and peeking out of the shoe bins.

Unmade beds aren't my favorite, but books in disarray are messes I can support.

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  1. Such a good mom you are. I'm so glad to finally have the time to relax and catch up with my favorite people. Much love, Diva