Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving--The Little Moments

Earlier this week I wrote how Brad's mom, Janie, summoned all the troops home for Thanksgiving to celebrate Greg's miraculous recovery. We were packed in there, that's for sure.

Too many cooks in the kitchen--or is that even possible on Thanksgiving?
 The big boys maintained their proximity to the food preparations until they were banished for too many snitched morsels.
Eve was the official table setter, and she took her job very seriously.
Here's the whole crew, waiting for the blessing. Can you see Eve in the very back laughing? Those kids were not very quiet up there at the bar.
Before beginning our meal, Janie shared some of the lessons she had learned during Greg's hospitalization and recovery. She showed us pictures on her phone of sunrises and sunsets she took each day and how she knew that God had made them to comfort her on her multiple drives to and from the hospital.
Her remarks were very tender and heartfelt, and I hope all of her grandkids remember what a special holiday this was for our family.

Greg shared a few words as well. How grateful we are for his recovery and the blessing he is in all of our lives.

Kids waited patiently with plates of food right in front of them that they weren't allowed to touch yet.

After Brad blessed the food, we enjoyed the food. And there was plenty to enjoy.
Other little moments from that day:
 My husband making sure my camera was working. He's all mine.

And my favorite photo from the entire weekend.
This moment repeated over and over throughout the day, each time with a daughter, a son, an in-law, a grandchild, a wife, and even a few friends. None of us could adequately express our joy at having Greg with us for dinner that day.

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