Friday, December 18, 2015

The Next Wave

When will it end?
Wave after wave crashes down on me.

Sickness after sickness after sickness. Vomit. Fever. Hives. Coughs stifled only with nebulizer treatments.

Doctor after doctor after doctor. Greg in West Jordan. Brad in Phoenix. Sally in Salt Lake. Lily in Gilbert and Mesa.

Crisis after crisis after crisis. Lost jobs. Horrible grades. Dashed dreams. Difficult discussions. Impossible decisions. 

And now this.

Christmas presents stolen out of our garage. I stashed them in their unmarked boxes on the counter when they arrived two weeks ago, but when I went to wrap them this morning . . . the counter was empty, along with the spot where Brad's chop saw used to be. My boys' entire Christmas--gone.

This was it--the wave that took me out at the knees. 

I'm not a great swimmer. Never have been. I grew up in southern Idaho where access to water was limited to the stinky lake in the canyon or an occasional invite to the YMCA. I almost drowned once in a wave pool at a water park. I don't love water.

I stayed strong as long as I could, but that last wave did it.

I lost my footing on the rocks and down I went, blubbering and struggling for air.

Kids will be home from school in five minutes, full of peppermint and chocolate and Christmas crafts to hang on my kid tree. 

Three deep breaths. Wash my face to erase the salty streaks. A quick search on Amazon to see if something can replace what has been stolen.

Back to standing on the rock.

That's what moms do.


  1. So disappointing and sometimes I feel like I'm standing on that same beach with you waves crashing down. Saying a special prayer for you right now, for strength and peace and that those replacement gifts can easily be found on Amazon.

  2. I don't comment much...but wow...that is terrible. I am so sorry! I am praying for you today!

  3. I am so sorry to hear this - how devastating. As you can imagine I'm not sure what I would be more hurt about: the presents or the saw! Hope your life jacket keeps you afloat.

  4. We had a talk in Sacrament Meeting recently how trials often come in big clumps. Don't know why that is. Personally, I think health challenges are the hardest ones of all. So sorry Jen.

  5. That is so terrible! I know that people tend to go a bit nutty this time of the year and steal mail and packages but to break into your garage and take heart breaks for you. Its been a really rough year for you and I hope that things will be better next year. Sending you and your family lots of love and hugs and I hope you can get through the holiday season.

  6. The worst!!!! Makes me want to smack somebody upside the head. Or maybe lower. Sending hugs and crossing my fingers that Amazon treats you right.

  7. That's awful. Dirty rotten scum buckets. One blessing to consider . . . you have the means to replace the items. Many others would not be as fortunate in this situation.

    1. That exact thing has crossed my mind more than once. Life can always be worse, right?

  8. Oh no - I haven't commented in a while but I had to stop & say how sorry I am to hear this! Hope everything works out with the replacements. Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

  9. How awful, at least you can afford (I hope..) to replace them.
    Seems kinda random unless something is going on in your neighborhood.